Meet our founders Arvid & Lukas

Arvid Brorsson
Founder - UI / UX designer

Arvid is as fast talking as he is answering his mail. Do you have any questions just mail him and he will get back to you in 15-30 minutes.

Lukas Jonneryd
Founder - Web developer

Lukas has rock solid knowledge of all the technical parts and knows how to make a design become reality. One thing has to be made clear, Lukas only creates pixel perfect developments.

Lukas Jonneryd

Jesper is lightning fast in his communication and always has a smile on his face. If you have any questions or thoughts, reach out to Jesper and he will get back to you ASAP.

Om oss

Teamet bakom Phent

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Our why

Why we do what we do

Without a why you don't get very far. We believe that you need a clear why to always be able to evolve and fine solutions that is in line with you why. Here you can see some of our why's.

Better standard on the web

We know that tons of websites today unfortunately fell behind. It damages potential business and companies branding cross all industries. That's why we make the standard better so companies keeps a strong brand and don't miss potential business.

efficiency & progess

We hate, and I mean hate unnecessary complex processes. It is important to us to always have a focus on efficiency on both internal and external processes. We know that focus on efficiency results in saved time and therefore saved money for our collaborations without damaging the quality of the product.

Our vision

We believe that the already said creates our vision. Phent's mission is to contribute creative design and innovative web solutions for everyone. This is done by always keeping focus on efficiency and progress. That's how we become the best.

What we do

We are a company that focuses on  development & design to create powerful and beautiful digital solutions


Why should you collaborate with us

Not yet convinced? Here are four reasons as to why you should choose us if it's not yet obvious!

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Fast awnsers

Got any questions? Mail us and we will answer in 15-30 minutes.

Fast quote

We will get back to you as fast as we can with a quote on your project so we can get started.

No hourly rates

We only work with fixed prices. When we are done building your site you yourself can edit the entire site. You will love it!

We got the best coffee

It is VITAL to make a good cup of coffee as a developer. We know this, and we do this.


What most people ask

We get tons of questions about how a collaboration with us works. We answer them here. Do you have another question? Contact us

Can I make edits to the site by myself?

Of course! When you collaborate with us at Phent you will get access to our editor on your site when we are done building it. In the end it's your website so you will have full control! No more hourly rates that goes through the roof.

What services do you offer?

Today we offer web design, web development & SEO. We have a background in graphic design and digital marketing. So if this would interest you, contact us and we will check how you can help you out!

What industries do you collaborate with?

The answer is quite simple... All of them! It does not matter if you own a construction company, IT company, restaurant, we build for your needs and wants. One thing we love is a challange and new markets. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

How involved am I in the design process?

We work with web design in a program called Figma. This is because we want you to have input and feedback on the design we make. We are happy when you are happy. But don't you worry, we will always give you our professional opinion and together we will create the best possible result.

How many cups of coffee do you drink?

It depends from day to day. But the average cups of coffee per person on the Phent offices is 3-4 cups a day. Do you want to take a digital coffee with us? Contact us :)


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