How we work

The Phent Process

Our way of working we call "The Phent Process". It is a process we have developed to make the collaboration effective while yet maintaining the best possible result. We are happy when you are happy.


First contact

Content & goal

To build a website that does what we want it to it is important to understand what the goal is and what content should be present on the site. I this step we collect material from you which we use to make a design.


First design

The designing begins

When we have received the material from you that is supposed to be present on the site we will make a design. The design will deliver a good user experience and you will be able to have inputs and feedback.


Web development

The design turns into reality

When we both are happy with the design we start to develop the site and bring it to life. Your website will have animations and interactive elements that makes the user communicate with the website. We do this to make the user and website communicate in a symbiosis and make your site stand out from the others.



Making the boat float on the web

When the web development is done we make your website live on the digital ocean called the web. We hand over the keys so you yourself can edit the content on the entire site through our editor. At the end of the day it is your site and you are supposed to edit it without paying hourly rates.

Your website

You are in controll of the content

Say goodbye to hourly rates. When the website is done you have full control over your website. We don't believe in long waiting times to get things done or changed. That's why you through the editor can change every bit of content on your site.

Editorn vi tillhandahåller dig gör det super smidigt att byta ut texter, bilder och mycket mer! Det är din hemsida så självklart ska du kunna ändra saker utan att betala ett onödigt timarvode.
CMS står för content management system och används för att smidigt bygga upp nya delar av en hemsida. Säg att du vill göra ett blogginlägg på din sida. Fyll i ett formulär så byggs det smidigt upp en snygg sida med den information du fyllt i!
Get started

Now we want to meet you!

Together we will create a modern and converting website for your company.

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